Venture Lab Silicon Valley

  • Program:Exhibition Space
  • Location:California, United States
  • Completion:2019.07
  • Area:800 m²
  • Design Direction:Hakuhodo
  • Executive Architect:LPA
  • Lighting Design:Sugio Lighting Office
  • Graphic Design:Token Graphics
  • Visual & AR Contents:Ray Corporation / WOW
  • Exhibits:Bena
  • Construction:The CORE Group
  • Photography:Anna Nagai
  • *Project by Kakizoe Architects & Katagiri Architecture+Design

The project establishes an incubation facility in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, where tech companies from around the world gather. The objective was to design a facility for a ceramic company to foster the development of next-generation technology.

Within this facility, emphasis is placed on sectors such as healthcare, environmental preservation, energy innovation, and next generation automotive technologies. The aim is to imagine new possibilities for ceramic technology by fostering partnerships with venture enterprises. The facility aspires to offer sustainable solutions to future societal challenges.

The project began by dismantling the floor, walls, and ceiling of the existing south-facing office space, resulting in the formation of a vast open space.

By stripping down the elements of the space to their essential elements and meticulously polishing the concrete floor to achieve a mirror-like finish, we created a space where the surrounding lush greenery and natural light can be reflected on to the floor through the expansive horizontal windows.

The resulting space enables observers to experience varying scenery, influenced by both time and season. Within the exhibition space, one can sense a profound connection to nature, given that the fundamental element for ceramic technology is derived from the earth.

The adjacent shared office and workshop serve as a collaboration space that generates ideas for manufacturing, spanning from initial planning to prototype production, thereby nurturing a cycle of creativity.