Roof Top Cabin

  • Program:Condominium Renovation
  • Location:Niigata, Japan
  • Completion:2018.01
  • Area:350 m²
  • Construction:One Designs
  • Photography:Takuya Watanabe
  • *Project by Katagiri Architecture+Design & Akinori Inuzuka Design

A penthouse renovation project within a ski resort condominium in Niigata. Set against the backdrop of snowy mountains, we breathed new life into a structure that had stood for over three decades. The infusion of warmth into the previously cold and sterile reinforced concrete frame was achieved through the thoughtful incorporation of wooden elements.

One of the central features of this renovation is the installation of a Japanese cypress screen in the residence's central atrium. The screen, constructed using 35mm x 105mm wooden studs commonly used as substructure in traditional wooden construction, serves as a focal point in the space.

The screen, which alternates between wide and narrow ends, is designed to have a more solid structure on the first floor and more porous on the second floor. Since the industry standard studs possess sufficient structural strength, the conventional substructure layer was be eliminated.

Despite being situated on the top floor of the tower, the renovated penthouse successfully captures the ambiance of a mountain cabin and establishes a strong connection with the abundant surrounding nature, allowing residents to feel intimately connected to the snowy mountain landscape.