Incubate Fund Headquarters

  • Program:Office
  • Location:Tokyo, Japan
  • Completion:2023.10
  • Area:670 m²
  • Project Management:Directions
  • Lighting Design:Sugio Lighting Office
  • Graphic Design:Token Graphics
  • Construction:Nomura / Town House
  • Audio Visual:Eizo System
  • Photography:Kozo Takayama

An office design project for a venture capital firm situated within the confines of Azabudai Hills, Japan's first large-scale venture capital gathering base.

At the heart of the entrance lounge is a circular theater-style seating area capable of hosting up to 50 individuals. This space serves as a gathering point for various stakeholders such as capitalists and entrepreneurs, to foster creativity and exchange insights.

The circular table positioned in the center is a bespoke furniture that offers the flexibility to be detached and repositioned, enabling the lounge layout to be adapted as needed, particularly for events.

The adjacent bar area offers a tranquil setting for both staff and visitors to unwind. Meanwhile, the outdoor terrace presents a view of the vibrant Azabudai landscape, seamlessly blending with the contours of the building structure.

The elongated workspace, flooded with natural light from the south-facing direction, is designed as an open and collaborative environment. It features a free-address system, facilitating collaboration among various roles, including capitalists and middle-to-back-office functions.

This space is envisioned as a place dedicated to generating solutions for future societal challenges. Its objective is to foster the exchange of diverse ideas, aspiring to evolve into a central hub where innovation for the future is cultivated.