Hotel Oriental Express Kamata

  • Program:Hotel
  • Location:Tokyo, Japan
  • Completion:2019.05
  • Area:3,943 m²
  • Project Management:One Designs
  • Lighting Design:Sugio Lighting Office
  • Construction:Goda Koumuten
  • FF&E:JTB Trading
  • Photography:Anna Nagai
  • *Project by Katagiri Architecture+Design

A hotel project that offers guests an opportunity to experience the charm of Kamata, where technology and nostalgia coexist. Upon passing through an approach marked by a metal mesh screen emerging in a corner of the local shopping district, the experience begins with a welcome from a 1940s British lathe machine exhibited in the windbreak room.

In the adjacent dining area, a lighting fixture made by folding a 6-meter single sheet of iron plate, one of the largest in the country, is suspended, creating an open space where people gather not only during breakfast but also throughout the day.

In the elevator hall leading to the guest rooms, floor numbers are displayed using cutting-edge processing techniques (combining, digging, scraping, folding, polishing, and bending) produced by small factories in Ota Ward. Each floor pays homage to the mastery of artisans, celebrating their exceptional skills and craftsmanship.

By utilizing industrial materials such as plywood and metal corrugated sheets, which are not commonly used for interior finishes, we have infused the distinctive local character of the town into the building. This approach has led to the creation of a space that resonates deeply with the essence of the neighborhood.