Ableton Tokyo Office

  • Program:Office Renovation
  • Location:Tokyo, Japan
  • Completion:2020.06
  • Area:100 m²
  • Lighting Design:Sugio Lighting Office
  • Construction:Double Box
  • Photography:Anna Nagai
  • *Project by Kakizoe Architects

Located along the Meguro River in Tokyo, amidst the lively atmosphere, this office renovation project offers a panoramic view of cherry blossom trees lining the riverbank. This scenic setting invites employees and visitors alike to revel in the tranquil allure of nature's captivating display.

We have designed the office environment like a "living room" for the company dedicated to developing music production tools for music creators around the world. This design fosters informal interactions and cultivates stronger connections with musicians, all while providing a picturesque view of the Meguro River.

The expansive horizontal window frames the beautiful cherry blossom trees along the river, offering a place of refuge to appreciate the shifting scenery throughout the seasons. Positioned at the heart of the lounge are versatile benches, allowing for adaptable arrangements to host a variety of events such as workshops and live performances.

The office area on the east side is bathed in gentle light filtering through the curved glass blocks, creating a tranquil space for employees to concentrate on their tasks. The objective was to craft an environment that has a sense of openness and tranquility, where individuals can immerse themselves in their daily tasks while remaining connected to the serene beauty of the surrounding natural environment.