Residence in Ueda

  • Program:Residence
  • Location:Nagano, Japan
  • Completion:2024.03
  • Area:118 m²
  • Structural Engineer:Shimizu Structural Engineers
  • Lighting Design:Sugio Lighting Office
  • Construction:Chihiro Construction
  • Furniture:Aruga Tateguten
  • Photography:Junkan

A Housing project for a married couple in the urban area of Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, which has prospered as a castle town since ancient times and where traces of history can be seen in the cityscape.

Positioning the building diagonally at the corner of the residential area, just off the main road, resulted in the creation of triangular open spaces at all four corners of the site. The two spaces facing the road to the north were allocated for parking, whereas the two sunlit areas on the southern side were transformed into vibrant gardens, allowing natural light to filter into the interior.

Within the building, the juxtaposition of rough concrete walls cast with softwood plywood formwork and the presence of warm wooden furniture and doors creates a harmonious interplay of materials, all united by the shared language of wood grain. This harmonious coexistence of textures generates both contrast and unity within the space.

The furniture crafted from Jindai ash wood underwent a natural process of charring underground over numerous years as a buried tree. Through its deep gray-brown exterior, the essence of time's passage was ingrained within the space, adding a layer of historical significance to the environment.

This concrete residence, centered around the kitchen, will mature over time alongside the lives of the couple residing within it.